Thai Chicken Curry

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As the weather gets colder outside, there’s nothing to warm you up quite like a delicious curry. There are plenty of recipes for Thai green curry around, but most of them swap authentic ingredients for more readily available European substitutes. You may have to make a trip to a specialist supplier to get some if the ingredients listed, but we think it’s really worth it for the authentic flavours you get. Taj in Brighton stocks everything you need. Make sure that you use a full fat coconut milk, anything else will result in a watery curry.

Thai chicken curry


Curry paste

Chillies, to taste

2 thumb-sized pieces of galangal, chopped

4 or 5 tbs chopped lemongrass

4 chopped banana shallots

4 fat cloves of garlic, finely chopped

4tsp finely chopped makrut lime leaves

1 large bunch coriander, chopped

Splash fish sauce


For the curry

2 x cans coconut milk

6 boned chicken thighs, chopped

5 or 6 lime leaves, finely chopped

Handful pea aubergines

Baby sweetcorn, sliced in half lengthways

Brown sugar, to taste

Fish sauce, to taste

Small handful Thai basil



Chop all the ingredients for the paste. Put in a food processor and whizz until combined.

Open your tins of coconut milk, but be careful not to mix the thick and the watery parts. Scrape the thick, creamy part into a wok and cook gently until it just starts to split. Add the curry paste and cook until the paste starts to release its aroma.

Add the aubergines and the chicken. Add the rest of the coconut milk, the lime leaves, and a little fish sauce and brown sugar. When the chicken is almost done add the corn. Cook until the chicken is cooked through. Taste and if necessary add more fish sauce (for salt) lime juice (for sourness) and/or sugar (for sweetness). Scatter with Thai basil and coriander, and serve.


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