Preserved Lemons Recipe

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Fragrant and strong tasting preserved lemons are as addictive as they are beautiful. They can be used in Moroccan, tagine style dishes, but also work well in prawn curries, with rice, and any type of pulse-based salad. Their intensely lemony flavour does a wonderful job in livening up rice or cous-cous. This recipe keeps it simple, but you can add chilli, cinnamon, bay leaves, star anise – whatever your favourite flavours are. You’ll also need a couple of air tight, Kilner style jars.



10 lemons (make sure they’re unwaxed!)

250g flaky sea salt

2 tbs mustard seeds



Squeeze the juice out of 6 of the lemons.

Cut the remaining 4 into quarters. Pack the quarters into the (sterilized) jars, in between layers of salt and mustard seeds.

Pour over the lemon juice and then top up with water until the lemons are just covered.

That’s the easy part – now, you need to be patient! Once sealed, the jars need to be left in a dark, cool place for at least a month before you can enjoy them. If the lemons taste too salty, give them a quick rinse.



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