Kale Pesto

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This may not sound like the most promising recipe; whizzed up raw kale sounds more virtuous than delicious- but the earthy kale with the punchy garlic and mellow nuts really makes for a lovely combination. Serve with pasta for a very quick supper, or as an accompaniment to fish. This is a recipe that needs to be tasted and balanced, so I’ve given very rough quantities. Enjoy!



1 bag of kale

2 bulbs of garlic, chopped

Olive oil

Small handful of macademia nuts

Small handful of pine nuts

Juice of half a lemon




Whizz up all the ingredients in a food processor. If it’s too thick, let down with more olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and, if necessary, more lemon juice.


It really is that simple! Once made, it should keep for a few days in the fridge, or you could freeze it in small portions if you need it to last longer.


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