Eggs Glorious Eggs!

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Having our own hens is lovely. Not only because of their daily, generous gift of fresh eggs, but also because they make such peaceful and contented company when we’re working in the vegetable garden.


The eggs though, really are the treat. Here are a few of our favourite egg-centric recipes for you to have a go at. Thank you, chickens.






290ml/½ pint groundnut or vegetable oil (Olive oil has too strong a flavour)

2 eggs yolks (save the whites)

1 heaped tsp powdered mustard

1 level tsp salt

Black pepper

1 tsp white wine vinegar

Squeeze of lemon


I think it’s easiest to use a food processer.

Put the egg yolks into the processor bowl with the mustard powder, vinegar, salt and a little pepper. Whiz all of these together well. Then, holding the oil in a jug, add just a few drops at a time to the egg mixture, while the processor is on. Be patient, because it’s important that the oil is well combined as it is added. After a few minutes, the critical point has passed, and you can then begin pouring the oil in a very, very thin but steady stream, keeping the processor going all the time. If the mixture ever gets too thick and lumpy, add a splash of cold water to relax it.


When all the oil has been added, taste to see if it needs and more salt, and give a squeeze of lemon.


This can be kept in the fridge for about a week. Because the egg is not cooked, avoid serving to very young and elderly people.


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