Cheese Fondue

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This is not, I’m afraid, a healthy recipe. It is, though, wonderfully indulgent and moreish- and a very simple, if slightly retro, dinner party favourite.

If you don’t have a fondue set you can set a large bowl over a pan of gently boiling water, and make it in this instead.



600 grams of chopped cheeses- a mixture of two or three of these works well: gruyere, cheddar, emmental, camembert and blue.

300 ml white wine

2 tsp cornflour

1 tbs kirsch (or water if you don’t have any)

Squeeze of lemon juice

Clove of garlic





Melt the wine and cheeses together gently. Don’t over-stir.

Add the clove of garlic whole- fish it out when you’re ready to serve.

Mix the cornflour with the kirsch and whisk it into the cheese.

Season with lemon, nutmeg and pepper.

Serve immediately with whatever you’d like to dip into it- cubes of bread, potatoes, gherkins or, if you’re feeling really healthy, crunchy veg.


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