Créme Fraîche and Herb Omelette Recipe

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Including an omelette in this series may seem like a waste, because they are so simple. But it’s because of its simplicity that this omelette is so divine, and must not be ignored.

Egg Pasta Recipe

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Recently, we’ve been sharing egg-based recipes, so read on for the next in our series.

Pavlova and Berries Recipe

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Following on with our egg-based recipes, here’s a perfect summer dessert to use up leftover egg whites.

Mayonnaise Recipe

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Having our own hens is lovely. Not only because of their daily, generous gift of fresh eggs, but also because they make such peaceful and contented company when we’re working in the vegetable garden.

Glazed Roast Quail with Fondant Potatoes and Braised Fennel

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This is not the healthiest recipe – the potatoes are cooked in a lot of butter – but it is fairly straightforward, and makes for a very impressive dinner party main course.   Ingredients:   New potatoes Unsalted butter Quails Honey Mustard Fennel Lemon   Method:   Cut the ends off the new potatoes so […]

Middle Eastern Sharing Platter

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There is great joy to be had in sitting down with a group of friends to a table laden with plates and bowls of different dishes, dips, and bread. Mezze and tapas are by far one of my favourite ways to cook and eat, and it always seems amazing to me what a variety of […]

Beetroot Rosti Trout

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This beetroot rosti is easy, impressive and delicious. The deep purple of the beetroot is lovely with the delicate pink of the trout. Make small rostis and serve as a canapé or larger rostis as a starter or even a light main course. Add a poached egg to make it a more substantial meal. Ingredients: […]

Carrot Cake

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This makes a light, moist cake packed with delicious things.

Butternut Squash Ravioli

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Although making your own pasta isn’t as quick as using shop-bought it is much, much more delicious. And the process is not as complicated as you might think. If you don’t have a pasta machine you can roll it out using a rolling pin – hard work, but an excellent workout!

Pork Loin with Potato Dauphinoise, Creamed Spinach and a Red Wine Jus

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Impressive enough to serve as a dinner party dish, but simple enough to make as a mid-week meal.

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